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Car Detailing in UAE - Top 10 Things you should know

Did you give your car a car wash or a car detailing recently in the UAE? Not sure? Well no worries, as both are different. For a quick understanding, a car wash is the convention soap, water, and scrub cycle that every car gets. In the case of Car Detailing in UAE, every corner of the car is cleaned inside out.

The best companies focus on the Touchless type of cleaning where your vehicle is clean, without any chance of fingerprints and other errors. If you are looking for an extraordinary service that will improve the cleanliness factor of your car, without breaking your bank, then head for the car detailing process.

Below, we have listed ten factors that you should understand or note before going for a car detailing in the UAE.

Know what is Car Detailing in the UAE?

This is a process whereby both the interiors of the car and the exteriors of the car are cleaned with extra care. From removing the debris that children or adults drop into the minute spaces, to checking if the polish and the paint have lost their sheen, you can be assured of a complete checkup of the cleanliness angle of every car. As the name suggests, every car detail is examined and delivered with 100 % cleanliness. Plus in a matter of minutes everything is done, so no waiting or no hiccups in the process.

How many services does car detailing do for you?

You can get both interior based cleaning and detailing and even the exterior-based cleaning is done in the car detailing services in Dubai. With exterior methods, you can get clean tires, wheel caps, glasses, and paints, and the sheen of the car is restored to perfection. With Interior methods, the clean up for inner cabinets, the carpets, and the fiber, and plastic sections are dusted, vacuumed, and wiped clean of debris and smudge of any kind.

Steam Interior cleaning

Have you heard about the magic behind Steam Interior cleaning? Steam backed by technology will help to clean the car flawlessly in a matter of seconds. Not only that, this method is known to be environmentally very safe and only a few new age trending car cleaning services in the UAE go forwards with this method. This method of Car Detailing Dubai deep cleans the car, sanitizes it, and keeps every ride safe as a healthier car ride is promised.

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Can I schedule and get the car detailing in UAE done?

Yes, when it comes to the modern car detailing services that you get in UAE, you can get on the mobile app and book your appointment beforehand. That allows you to have a clean car before work or a party in a matter of minutes. You can forget the era of queues and miscommunications, as your requirements are understood before the work is taken up.

How affordable is this car detailing process?

Always ask or check their plans before going for a car detail care. You can choose the ones that fit in with your budget.

How good is the customer after sales service?

You should be able to get in touch with the after sales customer care once the service is over, in case you have any clarifications. A good company will love to hear you out and improve their services.

Initial Cleaning is important

The first round of cleaning is a must routine in every car service. This will help the employees manually remove any valuable thing and hand it over to you, in case you may have left it in the car. It could be documents, coffee mugs or chargers, etc.

AC vents

Make sure that they clean the AC vents very well, as that is a place where plenty of dust, viruses, and various mites accumulate over a period of time.

Seating and upholstery need to be cleaned

The seating of every car is bound to have dirt after a journey. So, make sure that they do a deep clean, wipe the belts clean, and even steam the whole space inside to the space sanitized.

Exterior cleaning process

This process can help make the car become a sparkle and good as new. Of course, too much cleaning is not necessary, but it will be help maintain the colour and shine of the car.

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