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Dubai Tips: Do's and Dont's Of Car Washing

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

A car wash is great if it is done in the right way. Many times, we all know the normal lather and wash routine for every vehicle. This is why if you are a car owner, you surely need to understand the Do’s and Don'ts of Car Washing - when you are living in the UAE. Head over to our page, and get some valuable insight on the perfect car wash session done by experts. In case you have a car garage or a car showroom in Dubai or are probably new in the car rental business, you ought to read this. Such vital information is listed out here for you to study and maintain your vehicles in the best way possible.

Just like you may know there are many rules with regard to cleaning your upholstery or taking care of pets, there are certainly quite a few Dos and Don'ts of Car Washing in Dubai that every car owner needs to consider.

The Do’s of Car Washing Service in Dubai

Optimal situation to wash the car

Got a spotty car? Then it needs a clean-up in the most hassle free manner. Once you come back from a dusty drive or would have left your car in the garage for too long, this beauty definitely needs a wash. It has to be done, as by law if you drive across the roadway in a dirty car, it could lead you to a fine. So, keep it clean always. This does not mean you need to wash each and every day. Just do so when you feel that the dirt is evident outside and inside.

The best method of car washing

Of course, there are many ways to wash your car, apart from the normal lather and soak system. You need to use washing systems or processes that will not destroy or diminish the quality of your paint. For this, technology-based car washes in uae are good as the work is predesigned for consistent outcomes. If you go for the traditional manual washes, the effort will change as per the person doing it.

Practice the uniform wipe

When you think about the Dos and Don'ts Of Car Washing, one of the highlighted factors is how uniform your car wash has been? This is a big factor, as all sections have to be cleaned with equal quality. You need both the interiors and exteriors done perfectly.

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Technology is always better than manual

Once again the work done by technology and managed by exports will have a level of professionalism. It is fast, professional, and quality oriented. So, you know that you get cleanliness that is quality checked at every phase.

Cool-Clean- Drive

You can focus on a good car cleaning session for the Dos and Don'ts of Car Washing points. For this, understand that cleaning should be done on a cook car only. If you have just driven the car, it means that the engine would be hot to touch. It is bad to add the car to a washing session, as the metal and soap will react to a chemical and temperature change. So, wait, let the engine cool and then make way for the wash session.

The Dont’s of Car Washing

Don't use circular motions to clean your car

While cleaning your car, avoid using circular motions. The top coat of paint will be scratched by microscopic dust particles when you scrub with a sponge in a circular motion leaving the car with obvious round scratches. Avoid scrubbing at all costs; instead, just use good products under pressure washer.

Strong soap solutions are to be avoided

You have to remember that the types of soap solutions play a very important part in the Dos and Don'ts Of Car Washing every time. So, use soaps that are suitable for paints and do not spoil their chemical composition or even discolour it in the long run.

Don’t let the dirt pile up

Never think about waiting for a ton of dirt to pile up and then wash. That is a completely bad cleanliness standard as per the Dos and Don'ts Of Car Washing. So, when you get the carpets soiled, the glasses dirty, and the tires clumpy with mud, it is time to give the car a splendid wash.

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