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Why Detailing Is More Than Just A Car Wash in UAE

People getting their car detailing, Dubai starts with a good car wash, so detailing is spring cleaning of your car. Usually, a full-service car wash can remove fading, scuffs and gunk and polish removes old wax buildup rendering a long-lasting shine together protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

That's about the outside of your car, where detailing makes the inside of your car look its best with special attention to the hard surfaces inside scrubbed to remove dirt and stains and a good detailing consider your headlights and a lot more.

So good detailing makes your car look better longer and to make it clear this is not the one done instead of a car wash but done together with a car wash giving equal importance.

Detailing your car enhances the value of your vehicle where the neatness of your car is a reflection of your diligence, discipline, and care. It is imperative to consider the interior and exteriors of vehicles almost the same to keep functioning smoothly.

This issue can’t be more overwhelming, but can be carefree and stress-free with numerous service apps in the market for just a tap.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is a thorough process that takes off all the dirt and grime missed in the washing process and adds finesse to your vehicle. Car detailing involves cleaning and finishing a vehicle much more than a normal car wash and leaving your car with a sanitized interior too.

Auto detailing uses specialized tools and products for intensive cleaning and restoring the paintwork making the vehicle appear brand new as driven from the showroom.

Each car detailer follows a distinct approach but the overall results are essentially the same. A car detail is to clean every nook and corner.

Car Detailing Types

Let’s get to know the car detailing types in detail, their benefits, cost and more.

Interior Detailing

A clean car decides our mood and the day becomes unlucky if you are travelling in a car where the interior of our car is dull, unclean or messy.

The dust and grime tend to accumulate in various corners inside the car and quick wiping won't give you a fresh and clean look but the frequent car detailing service can ensure spotlessly clean looking new.

It effectively removes stains and dirt, preserves paint and plastic, and removes all greasy residue, working on the look, shine & durability, protects the leather upholstery and gives streak-free visibility for glass and windshields.

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of your car is equally important as the interior which marks your first impression. The perfect detailing can bring you back the factory shine by working on your wheels, windows, rims, and everything outside to make it appear at its best. To spruce up the car exterior, the exterior detailing covers all the visible parts of the car. They perform the manual car wash covering every part of the car surface and then claying removes the extra dirt not possible with normal detergents. Then comes the polishing to restore the original shine of your car and finally the paint sealing with a sealant to preserve the original shine. The exterior detailing also includes engine bay cleaning, trim detailing, and headlight polishing.

Headlight Restoration

It always amazes the advantages of nighttime driving and replacing scratched or yellowed headlights marks the preservation of safety needs.

Headlight restoration works on dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses, leakage of the headlight, and minor accidental scratches and does complete restoration if necessary.

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Benefits to Know

Detailing is a thorough process from chrome and leather to paint and take care of the interior and exterior. Here we discuss some benefits of car detailing:

  • Renew the car paint – car detailing work in detail on the paint and prolongs its good condition

  • long-lasting neatness – The protective treatment keeps away the dirt from the car surface for long

  • Awesome finishing – The car detailing process yields an impressive finish

  • Reserve the resale value – Detailing provides an impressive finish and retains its resale value

Good Investment or Not?

A complete car detailing in UAE undertakes mini details to keep your vehicle looking as good as new on your vehicle’s interiors and exteriors. Good detailing agency undertake:

  • Complete Care

  • Protection

  • Car Value

  • Attention to Detail

  • Safe Driving

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