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Introducing Tubewash

The region’s first Tunnel Car Wash system with the latest technology offering the highest standards of car wash in Dubai.

Tubewash offers the best car wash in Dubai. At Tubewash we’re all about providing our customers with professional, convenient, and effective car wash in Dubai. We know washing your car can be hectic, but not anymore!


Tubewash has the perfect wash experience for you and your vehicle to look neat at all times! We provide a number of car wash selections including Unlimited Wash options, so you can enjoy that clean car feeling whenever you want!


Just sit back and relax in your car.  We'll do the rest!

Download the Tubewash app today and be a part of our growing community.

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How to use


This revolutionary car cleaning

service is easy to use in just two


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Step 1: 

Download the app

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Step 2: 

Sign up, add vehicle & card

Easily create an account, add your

vehicle and prepare yourself

for an extraordinary experience.

Choose either unlimited car washes subscription or just pay as you go!


Once you have made your choice visit with your vehicle and our technological system will detect your vehicle and related package. 

Download the app now

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Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Where are you located?

The Tubwash is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. 709 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3. Next to Adnoc Gas station

Specialty Treatments

Detailed Manual Wash

A one wash that will keep your car clean starting with  decontamination foam and ending with Pro Ceramic Spray Sio2  application

Buffing a Car

 The art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle its new condition.


Engine Rejuvenation

Removing stubborn dirt from the engine and restore the engine to its new gloss condition.

auto-detailing-professional-preparing-automobile-f-2022-02-28-23-22-19-utc (1).jpg

Restoring vehicle paintwork and removing defects and bring back the original shine


Destroys bacteria on the evaporator, eliminates unpleasant odor and deodorises the passenger cabin providing healthier environment for car occupants


Do you Want to keep your car protected? Paint protection film blocks harmful UV rays that fade paint, prevents scratches, door dings and dents 


Environmental Sustainability is Key!

Commitment to environmental sustainability and improvement is a core ethos of Tubewash. Tubewash has invested in world's leading water recycling systems.

Business operations will produce a surplus of 1,000,000 litres of recycled water each month, and make a positive contribution to our water resources. Tubewash will be donating the surplus water which will be used to nurture green spaces.

Icon 1_edited.png

1,000,000 litres

of recycled water produced in surplus every month

Icon 2.png

Surplus water donation

for parks and green areas across the country


Curious for more?

Write to us for more information about our facility and services and we’ll keep you informed on seasonal promotions and offers!

Thanks for submitting!


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